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Original Slipware

  • First pots in 1975.

  • Apprenticeships in Japan and UK 1976-9.

  • Professional since 1978.

  • Making flowerpots in Dorset 1980-88.

  • Slipware studio in Devon since 1988.


I moved to Devon in 1988 and began to make slipware. This is the simple covering of ubiquitous red earthenware clay with white or coloured slips. I dip or brush on these slips which gives me a great palette of colours and effects. A (food-safe) lead based glaze gives a rich shine. My pots are thrown or slab-made over terracotta moulds.

My aim always is to make beautiful vessels to inspire the cook and enhance the table.

I learnt a lot in Japan where ceramics is particularly honoured and their style unique. Avoiding undue domination or overworking of the clay allows its liveliness to shine through. This is my main benchmark, alongside good functionality.
The Devon landscape around me is an  inspiration in all seasons. 

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